The Working Mechanism And Uses Of Water Absorbing Beads

By Marissa Velazquez

Water absorbing beads are known to swell to the size of a marble. Also known as water peals or crystals, gel beads and Orbeez, these are polymer crystals which appear like beads but multiply by hundreds when fully saturated. This property has earned them many uses particularly in decoration, kids playing products, water plant and disposable diapers just to mention a few.

They are available in different colors from different manufactures in your local stores. You can also order them from online stores and this gives you more options to choose from. All you need is a trusted supplier with a well established brand as this is the first assurance of quality. They look small and dry when in store shelves.

When ready for use, just let them into a container of water. The water level and time duration are solely responsible to the final size of the crystals. If used for decoration, it will be fun to put them in different containers with different time duration as this is the sure way of achieving different sizes. Six to eight hours will make the bead swell to the size of a marble or an apple.

Be it in bowls, vases or jars the result is usually an eye catching piece for decorations. It is for this reason that you will see them in weddings and other events of this nature. They are known to add that wow factor transforming ordinary bowls and vases to something amazing.

They are available in different colors and shapes such as cubes, heart-shaped, cuboids and circular shape among others. A simple search over the web will result into hundreds of decorative ideas of how to use these crystals.

In manufacturing of disposable baby diapers, polymers are actually referred to as super absorbent. They produce lighter and thinner diapers. In sewerage and water treatment plants, it is used for trapping and suspending solid particles to make them easier to remove. It is also used in ore processing, soil conditioning, paper and textile plants and in the manufacture of dyes, adhesives, and a number of fabrics like permanent press among many other uses.

On a hot day, just wrap these gels in a bandana and there you have a cooler. If you take the next step of sticking this bandana in a freezer for just fifteen minutes, you have a great chill and a better day. The crystals are usually sewn forming a pouch in a cloth, which is then soaked for hours. It swells up forming a moist evaporative cooling for users such as motorcyclists, bicyclists and construction workers. As a florist, you too can use them as they provide a dirt-free way of storing keeping cut flowers fresh longer.

Although the uses of water absorbing beads are endless, a creative use as air freshener is quickly gaining popularity. Some essential oils are added into absorbing media before adding beads in. The effect is a freshly and greatly smelling air with an astonishing surrounding.

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