Turning To An As9100 Consultant To Facilitate ISO Certification Can Save Time And Money

By Judy Sullivan

The flying public is reasonably unaware of how many complex system of systems must all come together to make air travel possible. They are concerned with safety, their luggage and delays, and anything they need by exception. Aviation companies that wish to remain competitive or become the best can use an as9100 consultant to make the effort easier.

A serious challenge to senior leadership in any company that elects to pursue greater efficiency and quality is the reaction of their employees. To workers, any such management move smacks of danger to either changing or eliminating their job. Handled poorly, workers can not only resent the attempt to change things, but get very creative in the effort to thwart possible change, even without knowing what it entails.

This creates two problems, for the company, it means one must stay alert and agile to stay relevant, for the consumer, it means worry that safety or quality will be compromised. As long as customers can rely on the consistency of service airlines produce, there is no concern, and that is the genesis of global voluntary standardization, certified independently.

The organization rising to that need is called ISO, a word that originates in the Greek word isos, meaning equal. Organized in 1947, this group of standards experts from more than 150 countries meet, debate and develop guidelines that ensure consistent, safe and equal products and services. Adopting these guidelines and gaining certification in them proves a commitment to excellence customers and competitors heed.

It is not a simple process to gain such accreditation, however, as the process includes an analysis of every process in an organization, which means a self analysis must be conducted first. Even beginning the effort to gain the qualification nearly assures benefits to the organization and even the bottom line. It is a rare company that does not find many improvements on its own just by carefully documenting everything they do.

The quality movement has proven that a careful look at complex processes often yields simple, inexpensive changes that make immediate improvements. These may be jobs regularly done that do not make a significant contribution to the product or service. With as many independent events that must combine to produce air travel, there are bound to be such opportunities.

The kind of deep look at the business is unlike most management reviews, it entails every process accomplished by anyone working, from administrative support and training to operational flying. The goal of this first deep look is to assess exactly what is really being done, seeking those tasks that either hurt efficiency or do not help. This is a difficult step to accomplish without an independent outside assistant.

Identifying unnecessary work improves efficiency instantly, better and faster ways to accomplish other tasks, or the outsourcing of them, can also increase efficiency and often please employees. Getting everyone actively involved while still operating the company is not easy. An as9100 consultant will have many ideas on how to smoothly implement the effort without aggravating the workforce or frustrating management.

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