Why You Should Seek The Help Of Copper Repiping Contractors

By Judy Sullivan

Copper pipes may suffer from pinhole leaks, which can be very devastating. A pinhole leak forms when small holes are created on surfaces of pipes. These forms of leaks cause a stream of water to begin shooting from the holes. These leaks are caused by erosion of pipes, which is occurring from inside out. A copper repiping contractor is needed to repair these kinds of defects.

There are a couple of things, which will tell if you need to repipe your pipelines using pipes designed of copper. If the pipes have started corroding or they are worn out, you need to reinstall new ones. Sometimes, there may be no visible signs, which show the pipes are damaged such as bursts, breaking, or leakages but other aspects such as reduced water pressure and volume could as well signify that you should replace the fixtures.

If there are no visible signs, you may have to look for aspects such reduced water volume and decreasing pressure on faucets. A bad odor or taste may also show that you have to replace the piping lines. Galvanized pipes used in those old days deteriorate as they age. They rust and corrode as they buildup sediments on the inside walls.

Pitting corrosion occurs in copper plumbing fixtures, and it leads to formation of pinhole leaks. Pitting corrosion is simply non-uniform localized attacks on the walls of tubing material or pipes. It begins from the inside the pipes and spreads to the outer surfaces creating small holes. Whereas only small areas are affected, when the pitting corrosion is dotted in many areas, it may require refitting of the entire pipes.

The pipes used in repipe process guarantee good quality and can last for long. By installing the new pipes, you add the resale value of your home or building. Copper value like silver and gold is always increasing and homebuyers will be willing to pay a substantial amount of money on premises, which are fitted with these pipes. The pipes endure for long, and they reduce the plumbing problems experienced in other fixtures or the old galvanized pipes.

The repair and maintenance costs of handling corroded and rusty pipes could be high, and if you do not take appropriate measures, you end up spending a lot of money, which you could have used to replace the piping fixtures. Proper inspection is required with use of specialized tools to determine the condition of those pipes. With help of a licensed plumber, you can have the piping systems refitted using quality and long lasting pipes.

The discolored water may indicate that the interior of pipes is rusting and corroding. Low pressure is another thing to look out for as the sediment buildup inside the pipes blocking the smooth flow of the water. In addition, when there are leaks, they may show that your pipes have deteriorated to a point of replacement. If you discover that you are dealing with frequent repairs, then it is time to consider refitting the piping system.

Pipes that were installed during the same period tend to deteriorate in same pace. Those that are not refitted will start experiencing similar problems, and you will need to replace them soon. Doing the job at once has a cost advantage than when you do it piece by piece. With the help of a copper repiping contractor, you can have your piping lines inspected and refitted using quality new pipes that can last a lifetime.

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