A Look At Boise Glass Artistry

By Serena Price

Boise glass artistry takes on many forms in the city. There are galleries devoted entirely to this art form. These galleries display artists and the specialty that they represent. Many of these artists are experts at several different forms of this art. The most notorious of the forms is creating hand blown items from molten glasses. Many people observe this process and want to attempt it themselves.

Some artists have galleries attached to their work shops and display their wares during business hours. Others work with outside galleries or advertise on the internet with displays of their work and offer means to create custom works for customers online. Many glassblowers here offer short courses to the public teaching them how to create one or two items.

To get a real feel for the true artistry of these craftsmen you can attend a monthly event called First Thursday Art Walk. During this event the shops and their owners display their wares and keep the ovens hot for demonstrations for consumers. Customers will find many kinds of glassware to choose from while they stroll the area shops and galleries.

One of the glassblowing studios and galleries has six torch work stations that can be rented by artists and students. They carry the work of fifteen different artists who specialize in this specialized work. They also conduct demonstrations for groups as well as individuals who are interested in the classes they offer.

One shop has a full course of classes designed to take the serious student from simple torch work all the way to complex hot glassblowing techniques as well as how to add legs or handles to the finished product. Other shops work with vouchers that can be purchased ahead of time and used as an individual or as a couple. The voucher program is not nearly as expensive as the full classes that may lead to a career.

From the torch training classes you will go to the beginner hotshop class. Here you will learn the basics of hotshop glassblowing. They will take you through the tools of the trade and techniques for creating floats, cups and vases among other things. This course and the intermediate course each take twelve hours of training to complete. In the intermediate classes they will teach you how to make more complex items and how to add legs and color wraps to your creations.

Costs can be formidable for these classes but the end result may be well worth the cost. You should be able to create many different items and if truly interested there are glassblowing stations for rent that you can use. This is the type of education that you will never forget and it may prove to be profitable.

Whether you are looking for a special piece of artwork for yourself or a gift you will be able to find what you are in the market for in the Boise glass market place. There are masters of the art available to create exactly what you are looking for in a reasonable time frame. Glassblowing has a home in this city.

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