Benefits From EMDR Consultant Denver

By Krystal Branch

EMDR consultant Denver uses integrated psychotherapy approach to treat trauma. This therapy has been studied over the years and proven to produce credible and long lasting results. The initials stand for Eye Movement Decentralization and Reprocessing. This is a single standardized package that combines a number of protocols and approaches to achieve the best results. It has been used by a large number of people as relief for different types of stress.

The way this therapy work is disrupting the repetition of traumatic experiences you under went in the past. During stress, the brain is unable to process information normally. It is fixated on an episode and keeps replaying it over and over. This subjects the victim to stress of a similar magnitude as happened originally. The feelings, sounds, voices, smell and other components of that scene are replayed again and again.

A person undergoing stress is unable to relate with other people and is not at peace with self. The services of therapists are required to ensure that the replay is disrupted and a new pattern established. This will open the path for normal thinking and brain processing. It allows continuation of normal or ordinary life. The feelings, images and sounds during the incidence will not be replayed over and over. This is the beginning of healing.

Therapy does not erase the memory of traumatic experiences. It only reduces the stress that is associated with such memory. When you remember the episodes, it feels like a dream or REM-Rapid Eye Movement or what is referred to as sleep. Intervening by therapists enables you to easily handle the past and avoid any stress that would have resulted from such an encounter.

The duration of therapy is determined by the nature of your condition. Initial sessions involve an evaluation of your condition and the options you have for treatment. The therapist seeks to understand how you feel and the best way that such a condition can be solved. He also will answer all the questions you may have regarding your condition. Necessary procedures will be explored in depth.

It will take 60 to 80 minutes to complete a normal therapy session. The number of sessions is determined by life circumstances, extent of trauma and the kind of problem affecting the client. This form of therapy may be used alone or may be combined with other forms of treatment. Treatment may be administered by the same therapist or a combination of several of them. Largely, the determining factor is the extent of sickness.

The conditions that can be managed by EMDR therapy include disturbing memory, complicated grief, panic attack, phobia and performance anxiety. Others are sexual and physical abuse trauma, addiction, dissociative disorder as well as personality disorder. The procedure has been thoroughly researched and approved by reputable organizations in different corners of the world. Its effectiveness in stress reduction is not in question.

EMDR consultant Denver offers professional services that eliminate trauma with long term benefits. This helps an individual to enjoy social relationships better and feel at peace with himself. Its results are efficient and rapid in providing solutions to prolonged trauma. Approval by reputable institutions and recorded long term benefits have affirmed the effectiveness of this therapy.

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