How A Naples FL Psychologist Can Help Save Marriages

By Cody Rine

With divorce rates in the US running at around 50%, the outlook for many couples would appear bleak. This is a great pity since there is ample evidence showing a higher survival rate among couples who have certain relationship skills. With a Naples FL psychologist to guide them, couples can discover how to avoid becoming another divorce statistic.

A simple example is provided by studies showing that couples who engage in simple acts of thoughtfulness towards their partners have a notably higher marriage survival rate. Researchers have discovered that small kindnesses really are the glue that can hold a marriage together. A marriage counselor can start a conversation about the kind of things each partner appreciates, and how each can begin making deposits in the relationship piggy bank.

Communication is another key area that can make or break a marriage. Couples with good communications skills are significantly more likely to have enduring unions. In contrast, couples who allow themselves to descend into anger and pessimism are much more likely to end up divorcing.

A counselor can aid couples in identifying and eliminating negative communication habits. He or she can then educate them in more positive, constructive ways to communicate that promote harmony. They will then be much better placed to resolve conflict with calmness and maturity, and avoid the toxicity that can lead to divorce.

Perhaps the biggest message a counselor can pass on to couples is the fact that relationships take conscious effort and commitment. Too many couples think that being in a relationship should come naturally. This simply is not the case. As with other areas of life, there are skills to be learned that can keep a marriage on a positive footing.

Couples who put these skills at the heart of their relationship can expect to massively increase their chances of staying together. Under the guidance of a Naples FL psychologist they can build their skills and strengthen their marriage for the long haul. They can also grow together as people and be an example to others as to how good married life can be.

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