How To Help Someone Break Bad Habits For Life

By Jerri Perry

There are times in life when you have to take the responsibility of helping an irresponsible friend to find the right track in life. When a person becomes an addict to a negative behavior, it is not always time to put blames on them but help them break lose. You there fore need to learn how to help someone break bad habits once in their lives.

A negative attitude is not something that attacks the life of an individual overnight. A person will actually develop a habit through practice and repetition for months and even years. When the situation grows within the individual, it becomes a rooted part of life, which if not looked into, could actually be their personality.

There is one amusing fact about life; a human being has the ability to destroy what he or she created and replaced it with something else, perhaps worthwhile or the opposite. This means that you can help that person who created a negative habit to destroy the attitude and replace it with something else.

Once you have made an approach with love, try to figure out what actually led to the addiction the individual has. Some negative habits include over-eating, excessive in take of alcohol, being abusive, being arrogant and ignorant and having a strong feeling of hate. There could be more forms of bad habits other than these and the best thing you want to do is take time to learn the person in question.

You cannot know why a person behaves in the way they do if you do not have an idea of why they act the way they do. You could befriend them and then approach them with the challenging question on why they made a decision to adopt the unwelcome conduct. If they are open enough, which they should once, you become good friend, you will realize there are strange and life-demeaning reasons why they act the way they do. Some reasons could be negligence from parents, hate from friends or a feeling of loneliness because of being a lone.

Make them believe that it is easy to change from being negative to being someone who is worth a life in the society. Most times people feel neglected and resort to negative attitude not because they want but because they feel like the society and the people around them no longer need them. When you assists them see how valuable they are, they become aware of the fact that they should not have ditched themselves in the conduct ion the first place.

There are replacement alternatives you can use to help an individual from being a bad person to a valuable being. For instance, if is a friend or family member who is addicted to smoking or over eating, you may want to take them out for sports activities or something like swimming. The fun moment will actually trigger their minds to remain in the current situation instead of grabbing a packet of cigars.

Another great way on how to help someone break bad habits is being patient with them all through. They are not robots to adjust in seconds or within 24 hours. Give them time. On the bottom line, be there for them.

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