How To Make Sports Recruiting Videos

By Krystal Branch

Now there are many ways for aspiring high school athletes to get into good college varsity teams or maybe even to the big time world of professional sports if he is very good at what he does. Of course the best way to do that would be to try creating one of those sports recruiting videos for the recruiters to see. Now if one is new at this, then maybe these tips will be able to help.

The first step in making a video like this is to simply ask the head coach for all the videos of the games he participated in. The head coach will definitely be able to look through the files in order to find some of the videos. Now he should scan it together with the coach so that he could find the footage wherein he actually did well.

Once he has gotten all the videos that he would want to include in his final video, then he could probably ask the head coach which of the highlights are the best. This is recommended because the coach will definitely know how the recruiters think. With this, the head coach will be able to let the athlete know which of the highlights should be included.

After taking note of some of the scenes that he would want to put in his clip, then he should now put the videos inside of his laptop. When they are already inside the laptop, he may now use a video editor to isolate the scenes that he would want to use. From there, he just has to save these edited files in a folder.

Now he should put that aside first and go on to the next step which is making an introduction part for his clip. Now this introduction has to include a short message saying his name, school, address, and what his role is in the varsity. Of course this should be followed by a short introductory message stating the whole purpose of this clip in the first place.

After making that short video, then he may now compile all of his clips in order to make a single video. Of course he has to edit the video well so that it will look as professionally done as possible. Do take note that the recruiters will also be looking at how well the video was made and not only just on what the video shows.

After he has made the video, then he can now give some copies to the recruiters. Now the first option that he may do would be to give to the recruiters that would actually come to the games. Of course he may try the second option which is to get some referrals from the head coach and give these referrals the video.

Now one thing to never ever forget when making sports recruiting videos is to make sure it is not hours long. It should be at most ten to fifteen minutes long only. The introduction should be thirty seconds to minute while the rest of the film should be the highlights part.

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