How You Can Support Kenyan Orphans

By Marcie Goodman

The number of children in Kenya living without parents today is more than the number of kids who lived without their mothers and fathers five years ago. Most Kenyan Orphans have gone through abuse, neglect and abandonment and some have definitely lost hope for the future. Most believers who have thought of taking part in helping these children always ask themselves how they can offer their support.

If you are wondering how you can give your support to these hopeless young ones, this article will help you understand how. This is a kind of a volunteering ministry, which only few take part and you should therefore be having a heart to offer support before you can get into it. Below are several ideas that can help you help families and churches that are taking care of these children to transform their lives completely.

Most children without both parents will most of the time go to bed thinking hard whether there could be a place in this world where they really belong. Offer a prayer to God to help them by meeting them at the points of their needs and to provide them with an honest and loving family. It is great to pray for prospective families who looking forward to support children without parents to have the ability to take care of them.

Take time to learn the needs of children who have no parents. Clearly understand the resources and issues revolving around adoption and orphan care. It would be wise if you took time to study the word of God to find out what it actually says about those who are fatherless. Try to recognize the practical ways through which you can help to offer direct support.

You need to be a welcoming Christian, just as Jesus Himself was. Remember that God has opened his heart to helping the fatherless and He wants you and your home and church to do the same thing as well. It would be great if you created a climate in your home and church, which makes children without parents to feel welcome.

Adopting and fostering a child has many challenges. There are times when the foster family will find it difficult to understand the needs of the children they are taking care of and the children may at times not feel welcome and loved. Take time to encourage the fostering family not to give up on these children but instead take time to understand them, know their needs and show them love and affection.

Taking care of children who have no father and or mother is not cheap. However, your financial support to the family organization that offer support to help these children find hope can actually make the journey worthwhile. Give from your heart; make sure you have given from your heart and not with a second thought.

Supporting Kenyan Orphans is one way to help raise the leaders of tomorrow. At least this is a big reason to help raise these children in a good way. Always pray to God to give strength to those people helping to take care of these children.

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