Improve Brain Function With Learning For All Ages

By Jerri Perry

Keeping the brain active is essential for good mental and physical health. Many studies have shown that those who remain busy and continue to learn lead happier lives. Having a constant interest in what is going on around you is very important. Learning for all ages is one of the key paths to greater happiness and more success in both personal and professional lives.

Those who are constantly challenging themselves are always finding something new and exciting in life. They learn things every day and use this information to help those around them. They know that nothing is ever wasted and sooner or later they will have an opportunity to use their knowledge. With this in mind they are always ready to tackle a new project or job.

It is only a small minority of people who seem to embrace learning and view it as a positive thing. They may learn a new language just for fun, or do the Times crossword every day. Reading is a great way to keep the brain active and should really be done every day. Even avid readers often stick with the same genre and are reluctant to diversify. Joining a local book club is a great way to read something different and unfamiliar. It also forces the reader to really pay attention and form a considered opinion about the text.

People who are not afraid to learn are actually quite rare. Many people do not like to stray out of their comfort zone and would much rather let opportunity pass them by that to risk doing something new and different. Once they stop learning individuals become rigid in their outlook and maybe even afraid. It is not good for their future to live in a world where nothing new is ever allowed to enter.

When people find themselves in this difficult situation it can be hard to change. It is best to begin with something small. Many people find that joining a book club is a great first step back on the road to learning. They will be forced to read a book that they would not normally have chosen. They can then become part of the group and spend time discussing their opinions about the book with other members of the club.

Taking part in a new hobby is also a great way to introduce something new to life. A sport such as golf is perfect. The participants will enjoy both a physical and mental challenge. They will also be with other like minded sports people and have a chance to indulge in some friendly competition. Keeping score is the best way to embrace the challenge and always try to do better next time.

Once people break out of their comfort zone they will find that acquiring new knowledge and skills is actually quite fun. It also gives them the chance to travel to new places and make new friends. At the same time their mind is expanded and their health improved.

Working together as a family is also one of the huge benefits of learning for all ages. It is quite amazing how close people become after spending time together mastering a new sport or learning a new language. There is a wonderful sense of companionship as everyone has been through the same experience together.

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