Mourning Loss With A Memory Bear

By Serena Price

Mourning is a very personal experience and everyone does it in their own way. One thing that many people are finding that they have in common is the use of a memory bear. It allows the individual to invest all their memories and emotion into that one bear and somehow makes the whole experience a little better. There are few things that can offer that nowadays.

It is a teddy that we place a great deal of meaning onto. It is often made out of an item of clothing from the individual who passed away. This means that every time the person touches or looks at the teddy they are instantly transported in their minds back to a time when they were with their loved one. It is an enormously emotional item.

This is a truly sentimental idea that is becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of it. Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows how it feels when a sudden wave of emotion overcomes them. Having something to hold close is a wonderful way to cope with this emotion and a teddy-bear made from an item of clothing is even more special.

Memories can often be associated with physical objects and this is how the concept of the memory bear came about. If someone has a favorite suit or coat that they wear regularly we naturally come to associate that outfit with them. Just as when something bad happens we can often remember what we were wearing and assume that it is unlucky.

Turning an item of clothing into a teddy is no easy task and only people with experience should attempt this. It will take a lot of practice to ensure that it is finished to the standard expected, so anyone who wants to try this for a loved one should practice on an item of clothing that does not have so much meaning attached to it.Practice makes perfect.

As a gift these items are perfect. They make a rare surprise that your recipient will truly be grateful for. Try to find the correct style and coloring for the bear that your friend will really love. Think of both the person who has passed away and the person the teddy is intended for and take your time when talking about the design with the creator.

Of all the gifts you can give someone special to you, this is one that should really be made to last. If you are making it yourself then consider this and if you are getting someone else to make it for you then ensure that you read the reviews and find someone who takes quality very seriously. It is also very important to take great care of the teddy.

This gift offers sentimentality, emotion, memories and a whole lot more that can't be put into words. It helps people deal with a loss and pain that is heart-wrenching and yet something that we all have to go through at some point in our lives. This memory bear somehow makes all that pain easier and is a truly wonderful gift to help someone who has suffered loss.

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