The Basic Steps For Garage Door Replacement

By Jayne Rutledge

There are many steps to garage door replacement but the process can be made easier with some professional help. The main steps for this process include taking measurements and removing the old door. There are a number of pieces to be installed after this including the brackets, hinges and tracks. Cables and springs are also required for this process. The amount of time that this procedure takes depends on how much experience you have with it. Most professionals can remove the old and install the new door within a relatively short period of time.

Sometimes you have a little bit of warning before needing to replace the door to your garage. In other cases, the structure simply gives out. In either case, it is possible to have a new one installed. There is a general process to this even though it might vary slightly depending on the type of structure you have.

You don't have to take care of the job yourself. You may hire a professional. It can be very convenient to have someone else do the work instead, especially if they are quite knowledgeable in the field. Usually, such an expert can do the job quickly.

The first step is often taking measurements. You need to know the size of the structure. These measurements should include the width of the door as well as the amount of head space required.

In some cases, the door is needed in the up position to remove it. If there are springs in the structure then this is the case. However, if there are no strings then the structure should be removed while it is down.

Part of the process of this removal pertains to the panels. These items should be removed prior to the operator being taken apart. This procedure requires you to take out various nuts and bold as well as other pieces. Doing this will help you to prepare the area for the new product.

Make sure the new structure is level with the area provided. You can trim the structure or repair the actual entrance for this purpose. Installing the weather stripping is usually the next step. Corner brackets and hinges require placement as well. Once those pieces are installed, the tracks and rollers can be added.

The hinges can be marked so that you know where to place the panels. These are the next sections to be installed. There are various pieces and tools to be used in this process and it can be a good idea to keep them close. The tracks are to be fastened next plus the bearings, other hinges, cables and springs. The operator system also has to be put into place.

While garage door replacement can take some time and effort, it can be convenient to hire the professionals for the task instead. Such individuals may not require much time for this project. These experts understand the process of removing the original structure and installing the newer one, including all of the different pieces needed. These professionals will generally remove all of this old hardware such as the tracks and operator before installing and testing the new parts.

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