The Facts About Elevator Maintenance

By Serena Price

Lifts are relatively safe but that it does not mean they never encounter problems that could make them hazardous. These include faulty sensors, keeping the doors closed or open when they should not be, and lift shaft stalling. This calls for the services of the Elevator Maintenance firm.

One of the most important parts of your building is the lift. It helps move people where they need to go within the multi-story building. This makes it very important to make sure that it is maintained properly for the safety of your employees as well as your business clients and guests. It also helps your building be handicapped accessible so that everyone is able to access your building.

During an inspection, a trained tech will put the piece of equipment through its paces. The tech will inspect electrical wiring, control panels, circuit boxes, cables, levers, the speed of the box and how efficient the braking system is. Tools used include pressure gauges, ammeters and more. The emergency phone which is hanging in the space will also be checked out to make sure it is workable.

You can make your lift last longer if you practice good preventative lift upkeeps. When machinery is getting used on a constant basis it needs to be inspected and lubricated more often. When you have it inspected frequently, you can make your lifts more reliable and dependable. This, of course, also makes your business more dependable as well.

In real life there probably are not a lot of babies being born in stuck lifts but it is also probably not any pregnant womans dream to deliver in on to test out the theory. To avoid problems most buildings are careful to have their lift upkeeps taken care of annually. Part of that means checking the door sensors to ensure they are reading properly to open and close the door and can sense when there is an object in the way.

In this regard they are a lot like your automatic garage door at home that will sense when there is something in the path of the door and reopen or stall. Other items on the lift upkeeps check list include making sure the emergency phone located inside works. Usually these phones are wired to go directly to an alarm company that monitors lift phones as well as alarms in buildings.

If the phone fails to work it can mean getting stuck and staying stuck for a long time. Thus, especially if you are not in a high building like a department store where you are likely to be found and freed sooner rather than later. The lift upkeeps check list will also include checking out the electrical and pulley system components to catch any sticking points before they become sticky issues.

With the proper Elevator Maintenance you can step safely inside the doors of this box without any great fear of injury or accident. The worse that can happen most of the time, even on a well maintained lift is it may get stuck between floors. This will avoided unless you are about to give birth even that should not be a life or death problem.

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