The Impressive Value Of Street Lighting

By Leticia Jensen

Our streets look beautiful and clear at night because of the street lights. Street lighting can be defined as the raised source of light on the edge of the road which is turned on at a certain time every night. It uses high pressure sodium lamps which provide the greatest amount of photopic illumination and ensures there is least consumption of electricity.

The benefit of lighting the towns is the fact that they ensure safety of pedestrians. This is because these lights helps one to know what danger is surrounding them, be it from the road, animals or their fellow human beings. Where there are no lights human beings are at a very high risk of problems during because they are unable to recognize people that may want to harm them.

Driver's calamities such as accidents are minimized, simply because they can see well thus enhancing the chance of travelling at night. One is able to view an animal that is approaching when it's far away this has been enabled by the use of these lights. Lives of people are protected as a result of street lights, for instance if an animal is crossing the path the driver is able to see it and avoid hitting it.

From the countryside, where people are operating only during the day, they plan their activities as such agriculture from sunrise to sunset. This is due to lack of the lights thus can do nothing in the sunset. But people in the town can do anything at any time they have no restrictions thus most of their events take place at twilight.

The light poles appear to be very beautiful and appealing to the eyes. They do not also react with water easily thus cannot rust, these poles also have an everlasting life and their value will always appreciate. Those characteristics have been made possible by the use of aluminum and steel to produce the poles.

Light fixtures ought to be chosen to efficiently guide light to the preferred area of the sidewalk and roadway. Light fixtures should enable a variety of light distributions to adapt to different streets and sidewalk configurations while maintaining the same fixture appearance. The distribution type should be selected based on street and sidewalk width.

The lights situated on the sides of the roads where the components will be determined by the amount of illumination required by that path. Then also the light that enables the driver to see pedestrians and vehicles pass and finally those placed on the through-ways used by people are some of the things that are taken into consideration to determine the intensity of lighting required.

Finally the maintenance of street lights are very crucial, this can either be reactive i. E. A direct response to light failure for instance replacing a discharging lamp after it has failed, or replacing the entire unit after it has been hit by a vehicle . Or it can be preventative maintenance which refers to scheduled replacement of lighting components like replacing lamps where they have reached 85% of their expected life.

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