The Kinds Of Love We Meet Once In Our Lives

By Adam Tyler Cook

From time to time, people meet individuals who just walk inside our lives and leave nevertheless they leave with a lasting mark. These types of people are there to teach us a lesson about how we should love and about whom we are and who we should be.

Are you prepared for a journey down memory lane and discover who these people are? Do you need to visualize yourself with these people and finally try to see yourself and visualize "the one" being with you? If you said yes, then read on below and see who these people are and how you would meet "the one".

We should first start with your first love, the boy next door, the girl next door or more often called your puppy love. Who is your first love? Love is really a great emotion. It is that feeling that generates some cringe and most of us, at one point in time, have been bitten by that love bug. Nonetheless, the feeling linked to love is different when it is the first love that we are talking about.

Everyone remembers their first love. It is that very amazing feeling of drum rolls each time you hear their actual voice, it is the butterflies in your stomach when you are with them and it is also the anticipation linked to seeing them again that creates your world a far better place than it really is

If you have met this person, good for you as you now realize how you can feel but if you have not felt this way before then it is time to visualize yourself with your first love. What would you feel when you meet them? Can you see yourself walking in the park, holding hands and sharing your dreams? What are the stuff you would share with that special person? Visualize yourself with that person and know that you belong together.

Second, what about your soul mate? Your soul mate is that one person you know you can share yourself with. However you just cannot be together and you cannot give any commitment to each other. Soul mates are more otherwise known as 'the one that got away'. This is actually the kind of love you know you deserve however you just cannot have the relationship that you choose because maybe the timing has not been right. You ought not to visualize yourself with your soul mate because whether you disclose it or not, you dream about that person daily and you only just cannot do anything about it.

Finally, let us talk about your one great love. Your one great love is probably not the first however they will most surely be your last. They are the ones who sweep you off the feet and make certain that everything is alright. They are those who make you feel special in every single way.

Have you met that one person yet? If yes, then we are happy for you. If not, yet again, you should try to visualize yourself with this man or woman. Look into what you need in the partner. Tell yourself every time that "today, I will meet the love of my life". At some point, you will.

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