The Right Commercial Building Management Firm Will Save Money

By Eula Nichols

There are a lot of things that a facility manager must be aware of and knowledgeable about. The physical plant as well as electrical needs and heating and cooling systems are just a few of these. Making sure everything is taken care can be handled by setting up a department for this. A better choice, however, will be to contract with a commercial building management company as they can handle it all easier than that department.

Some of the antiquated equipment you may have inherited will be a confusing system for many. The professionals who are available will know the ins and outs of all systems and have access to parts others might not have. The older boilers, complete with many pipes and conduits running all over the plant or campus, will need the best knowledge and skills and those are available from these firms.

The plumbing systems may not be up to date and needs adjustments every once in a while. Just regular maintenance on these complicated systems need the attention of professionals who know what they are doing. Having a crew, always on hand, can become very expensive, especially when they are not kept busy.

By regulations, statues or law, most states require licensed individuals to deal with all electrical work. This is true for plumbers, heating and cooling work as well as most construction efforts. The costs for all of these can be prohibitive unless monitoring is implemented and that takes time and effort. The outside firm has systems in place to manage this schedule and keep costs at a minimum.

There are any number of issues that will come with the physical plant. The interstitial areas, walls, flooring, basements, roofing system as well as drainage and they all have eccentricities and standards. Making sure there are tradesmen available for each of these can be easily accomplished by using one of the management firms.

A regular part of the duties a facility manager must be responsible for will be the normal cleaning that should be done on a nightly basis. These intrepid night workers will make sure the health of the plant is assured by cleaning restrooms, offices, break areas and kitchens. Production areas are also cleaned and pressure washing is accomplished as well as window cleaning. This crew is often used to monitor the state of the campus so management will always have a good picture of what is happening.

There are many skills necessary when maintaining a large commercial building. The knowledge that must be obtained may just be above the newly assigned to this position. Finding a management company will go a long way toward getting all of the tasks done as well as the recommendations about how to do other things. These outside firms have the experience and skills as well as the equipment and professionals ready to deal with anything that comes up.

Most of the commercial building management companies can handle any industrial needs you may have. The vast majority of them will be involved, as a primary focus, in one of the trades. This will usually be the custodial field or plant maintenance, such as plumbing or electrical. The contacts they have with all other industries will assist in making sure all options are explored for every issue that arises.

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