There Are Many Weird National Holidays

By Jerri Perry

Every person in Georgia knows that Confederate's Day is one of the weird national holidays. Some people do not care what this date stands for since they just want to take a day off with pay. There are many other strange dates floating around the world that people do not know about. Hug A GI Day, Friendship Day, Hug A Newsman Day, Clean Up Your Room Day, Lazy Day and Tell A Lie Day all make this unusual list.

After the Christmas holidays people are usually stuck with many unwanted fruitcakes in their refrigerators. This is the time that they will toss out this very nasty food item. Instead of throwing the cake into the garbage can many individuals will gather with their family and friends to throw it around like a football. These humans will also see which person can throw this nutty cake the fastest. This event usually happens on January 3rd.

The very smart individual loves National Trivia Day since they can really demonstrate their skills during this time. Everyone working within an office will take part in this "Jeopardy" like game. It is surprising if anyone will get any work done on January 4th.

A real woman knows exactly what she wants in a man and this is the reason why Male Watcher's Day happens. Sometimes women are not the only ones staring at very handsome men on this date. When January 8th arrives these ladies may find many gay guys at the construction sites with them. This special date allows everyone to admire men who have strong muscles and great features. Sometimes it is quite funny to see the women competing with the homosexual males for a good looking man's attention. Some ladies even offer marriage to these great looking guys that are working very hard at their job.

People who are looking for lasting relationships may want to check out Friendship Day. This is one time that lonely individuals can find ever lasting pals who will always be there for them. The date also permits individuals to reach out to strangers that live in their neighborhood.

It is amazing how everyone acts so "human" during this time in August. Even the older people will receive gifts from their younger associates. Every person is truly filled with love on Friendship Day.

Military people really love it when someone gives them a good hug. These people are always putting their lives in danger for their fellow man. On March 4th individuals will take the time to shower them with gifts and acts of deep affection. Unfortunately not everyone is able to give them the kind of respect that they deserve and this is very sad. During the Vietnam War people would often spit on them when they returned to America. Hug A GI Day is one day that should happen in all parts of this world.

Tell A Lie Day is one of the weird national holidays that is on some calendars. This day allows people to really stretch the truth to others. At times people will have a contest in which everyone has the chance to make up a thrilling tale that will have everyone on the edge of their seat. All of these lies are only told on this particular day. The contest winners will surely collect a big prize for their hysterical and unusual stories.

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