What A Commercial Building Management Company Can Provide To You

By Marcie Goodman

The many tasks that any facility manager has will keep them busy. Electrical, plumbing, buildings and grounds as well as roofs, parking lots and walls, floors and basements are just the beginning of their duties. Many companies do have a person in charge of this and are backed up by many others. Some will hire a commercial building management company to deal with all of the many things that have be taken care of.

The many systems that any building uses runs the gambit from heating and cooling to the physical plant itself. This is made more complicated if the company has an entire campus to deal with. Landscaping, parking lot maintenance, outdoor break areas and statuary as well as tank farms or gas pads will make for very busy days on extremely good ones.

In most states in the United States, licensed electricians will be required to make even the most minor electrical adjustments. This will include replacing light bulbs and any rewiring efforts. This electrician will have to be on staff or a qualified person on call in order to handle the many changes made in any modern manufacturing facility.

Plumbers are another specialty that simply must be available quickly. The many systems that require their attention are too numerous to mention, however, the absence of a licensed plumber will make a bad situation worse. Being able to call on a good one will help, however, having someone that knows the plant is a better option.

Scheduling is a big issue when it comes to multiple systems needing work all at one time. Keeping everything and everyone lined up in the correct direction will keep anyone busy. Plumbers and electricians for the heating system and roofers for the roof and down spouts. Construction contracting firms for additions to the facilities and the inspectors for everything is a big list to keep.

One of the very important sanitary and health considerations in the janitorial crew and their schedules. This is part of facility management as well. The cleaning of all facilities and pressure washing as well as windows getting cleaned are all a function of this crew. Using them as the ears and eyes of he professional staff will help everyone stay on top of most issues.

Contracting with a management firm will be in your best interests. They know specifically what is needed for your industry and, after getting familiar with your site, can often make recommendations about alternatives to processes, material and schedules. They usually have continuous training of their personnel and will stay up to date on many of the technologies that will assist you.

There are a lot of things that any facility manager needs to know about. Many of these management personnel do not have all of this knowledge. That is why a professional commercial building management company is an absolutely necessary expense for any company wishing to stay ahead of all issues that may impact operational or safety concerns.

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