How To Change Your Life By Reinventing Yourself, And Not

By Christina R. McIver

The 21st century has brought on a whole new set of challenges for many of us, bringing the infamous how to change your life topic to new and unexpected heights. To steal a line from one of my faves, Lewis Black; "Even a good fiction writer couldn't have come up with this."

The question is now: So, do I have to reinvent myself after all this time? The answer, yes...and no. With the job market bordering on chaos, and the collapse of both the industrial age as well as a good part of the information age, the reinvention of potentially our entire persona does become a consideration for some. At first glance, that statement can look completely overwhelming. But here's the trick.

However, if we believe that we are blessed in our lives and that more blessings are coming to us every day, then the Universe has a totally different image of our reality and reflects back blessings on a daily basis.

Just think of it as a movie screen and the film being projected onto that screen as being yourself, your beliefs. As soon as you change your beliefs that new imagine will then be the one reflected back to you.

Now you know what is the problem but knowing about a problem and actually doing something about it are two totally different things. What is needed is a process which will automatically change your belief system to produce positive results.

I followed those 3 steps. What I began to see that I totally owned when I storyboarded my strengths was my creative talent as well as my strength as a speaker per se after 30 years of teaching. I looked at that relationship in a bit of a new way and realized I could redirect both of those talents. I then proceeded to quote unquote reinvent myself and became a creative consultant to individuals, and eventually groups. Are we clear? I did reinvent myself, and not. I already owned those talents.

Meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways to help you relax both mind and body and then get focused. Focus is key to reaching all your goals, so you want to get as focused as you possibly can. The secret to changing your life and getting what you want is doing things that will take you to your goals. You start with belief, and then you take action. Use meditation to help you get rid of all the distractions in your life and focus on what is important.

Exercise. No self help plan would be complete without exercise. Exercise gets your blood flowing and will give you more energy. You will feel and look so much better, and if you do something that is high in intensity, then you can get fit as well. My routine generally includes The 5 Tibetan Rites every day, and then alternating between squats one day and pushups the other.

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