How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Without Medication

By Marianne R. Brown

Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from panic attacks. This is due to the increasing stimulus found almost everywhere at every time. However, I recently found out that there is a new solution to this predicament. One man, by the name of Barry McDonagh, discovered a natural technique to help stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast. He called the method Panic Away and to date it has helped over 150,000 people in 32 countries.

And although drug-based medication can help some people, not all anxiety sufferers find them beneficial, not least because of their potentially serious side effects, which include dependency issues. Which is why people are increasingly -- perhaps this is you -- seeking out natural ways to treat anxiety, without recourse to drugs. But, in order to best understand just how natural remedies for anxiety can work for you, and, the critical key needed to unlock your cure, you first need to understand how anxiety attacks can be triggered...

We need to go back hundreds of thousands of years, and picture our forefathers living and surviving in a very wild, hostile environment; where it definitely was the 'survival of the fittest.' And the human body, being something quite miraculous, was pre-equipped (and still is) to give the individual the greatest possible chance to survive and prosper.

Getting angry provides you with the power necessary to beat anxiety once and for all. Treat it like the enemy that it is, an enemy that has invaded your life and taken it over. Demand to have your life back. Make sure your anxiety knows it's not welcome and that you will not endure it any longer. Stand up to it and you will soon see it back down.Look for your past successes. Try to reconnect with the energy and the mindset you used to achieve them. You'll probably notice that you had a determination that refused to accept failure, despite obstacles that got in the way.Know that you do have the power to stop anxiety quickly without costly drugs. Be confident that the day will come when your anxiety will be gone forever. These positive thoughts will help to drive away your anxiety attacks.When you've mastered this control technique, you will know how to apply it any time a life crisis comes your way. Next time you feel overwhelmed, you will apply this method automatically. Rather than becoming anxiety-ridden, you will feel calmer - almost magically, able to tackle the problem logically and bring it to a successful conclusion.

But how does all that relate to today, I hear you ask? Well, although the chances are that you aren't going to be confronted by a pack of wild animals or a neighbouring tribe, looking to tear you limb from limb (lol), all your body needs to be faced with is the 'perception' that you are in danger. You see, the human body really is marvelous; it doesn't take any chances with your life. If there is even a sense of danger, it doesn't wait around to check and confirm it, it takes no chances and just triggers its fight or flight response!

Stopping an anxiety attack and overcoming anxiety attack syndrome are two different things. To stop an anxiety attack that is already occurring requires realizing that the feelings you are having are unimportant, routine anxiety based and not some real physical ailment. Keeping anxiety from ever occurring again requires changing your mental outlook toward them. We can sum up this two-pronged short term - long-term tactic with the following:

short term - passive attitude,long-term - total acceptance,Short Term Once a panic attack has started and anxiety is overtaking your life, you need to respond with a passive attitude. This is because anxiety is spawned from the fight or flight response. In other words, anxiety brings about horrific feelings. In an attempt to stop these horrific feelings, our tendency is to fight them off or to run away from them. Even trying to pretend they don't exist is a form of fighting them off.

First you need to switch your thinking. Right now you're probably thinking the worst is going to happen, people are making negative assumptions of you of you feel like you couldn't handle a conversation if the spotlight is put on you. Change this way of thinking to a positive outlook, picture yourself in your mind as the confident happy person you want to become.

Have you let yourself go? Throwing on your comfy clothes all the time? Is your home a mess? Are there jobs that need doing? Start to take care yourself, you'll be amazed at how much better you will feel if you dress better. The way people will perceive you will change to. If you home is full of clutter and odd jobs that need doing, write a list and tackle a task each day. This will focus your mind on other things and also creates a positive result.

Finally, use your experience during moments of anxiety to learn anxiety has no real power over you and no control over your life in any way. Then, when panic and anxiety are not present do not think of yourself as free of them and make up your mind that things will be the same with them or without them. You will find by doing these things anxiety will wither away and if you followed the method described, by the time they have disappeared altogether you may not even realize you have experienced you last anxiety attack ever.

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