Ideas On How To Have A Dialogue With God

By Harriett Crosby

As a Christian, you are going to experience that constant urge to get closer and closer to your God. If you have this hunger, there are some ideas to help you get nearer to your creator. Explored in this article are some nuggets on how to have a dialogue with God.

For those who really want to draw into the presence of their Maker, prayer will be a powerful tool. It is the best way to converse directly to the Supreme Creator. We all suffer periods of prayer difficulties. The best way to ensure that you pray constantly is by drawing a prayer journal.

When indulging in your prayers, be honest to God and yourself. Do not be boastful or proud. In fact, you should accept yourself as a hopeless sinner who has been freely ransomed by Christ. Do not pray for just small things because the Lord is the possessor of all things. Seemingly little things like asking for guidance and wisdom should be taken into account.

Be sure to confess all your sins to God. Do not be overwhelmed by the present needs and forget to pray for your future survival as a Christian. The path of believers is always blocked with obstacles that only prayer can take away. Know when to daily pray and when special prayers are needed.

Seek the guidance of mature Christians. They have been into the journey for a great deal of time and well comprehend the challenges you are going through. You must not engage them physically but can also watch sermons on the televisions, on the Internet, as well as reading both published and online articles about Christian maturity.

Your mind is directly linked to that of your Creator. Always imagine yourself walking hand in hand with your Savior everywhere you are. Know that God is omnipresence and is found in all places. He never left Paul and Silas when they were in prison and can as such be with you even in the most undesirable places. Ask Him to be near you.

Make use of your pastor or priest. This helps you get the most recommended guidance as far as matters Christian are concerned. The Bible will especially present puzzling paradoxes that take the advice of a seasoned theologian to untangle. Without fear, talk to your church head. In most cases, they are going to schedule special times for both of you to learn the word of God, pray together, and generally exchange ideas on the difficult Christian journey. Avoid seeking religious counsel from secular sources that have no understanding of importance of Christian values.

Ultimately, the Bible is the profoundest resource to any Christian who wants to further their connection to their Creator. You cannot hope to understand Him without paying attention to his written word. Many scholars have rightfully referred to the word of God as his own mind. They could not be more accurate. The Supreme Being tells us that he is always the same; unchanging through the fluctuating times and bearing true is eternal promises. To have a dialogue with God, reading the Bible is a must and praying for the divine understanding of the scripture the only way to really understand who our awesome Architect is.

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