It Is Not Difficult To Find Affordable Arkansas Lodging

By Cornelia White

Arkansas is a beautiful and interesting state in which to enjoy a vacation. It boasts beautiful scenery, fun attractions and activities, and friendly residents. Those searching for affordable Arkansas lodging and other helpful travel tips should consider the following:

Budget travelers should make every effort to find accommodation discounts, and eliminating the middleman is a good place to begin. Although visiting popular travel websites is a convenient way to make reservations, such sites are simply brokers between hotels and customers, and as such, must be paid a commission whenever reservations are made. Additionally, the celebrities who frequently endorse these sites do not work for free, which also drives up costs.

A better way to find affordable accommodations is for travelers to contact the hotel directly. Another way to eliminate the aforementioned middleman is to rent a home or condo from a private owner. Such information can be found in the ad section of an online newspaper in the area where the traveler wishes to vacation.

Another avenue through which vacationers can cut costs is to book a group tour. This option costs only a small percentage of the price of a traditional vacation, but is every bit as enjoyable and interesting. In addition, travelers can enjoy seeing myriad attractions that would probably be out of reach financially if each one was bought separately. Many people who try this kind of vacation discover that it is exciting and fun, and subsequently take similar excursions in the future.

One obvious, but often overlooked aspect of budget travel is hotel location. For example, there are many interesting cities from which to choose when one is visiting Arkansas. However, prices typically drop significantly for hotels that are located just outside the city rather than downtown.

One easy way to save money on meals and lodging when traveling is to simply ask for a discount. Many resorts and restaurants will offer a substantial price reduction for patrons who are celebrating a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday. In addition, certain establishments will also give free accommodation upgrades if better rooms or suites are available. However, few hotels and restaurants will offer such perks without being asked, and therefore making inquiries in advance is a worthwhile endeavor.

Off-season traveling will probably always be a popular way to vacation on a strict budget. Tourist areas frequently offer discounts as high as 70 percent for individuals who are willing to book reservations during the off-season. Numerous facilities favored by outdoor enthusiasts drop their rates right after Labor Day when pleasant weather can still be counted on, but teeming crowds and hectic traffic have diminished.

Reservations can be made for such a trip online or through a local travel agent. However, it is a good idea to comparison shop before purchasing a package. Those who follow the tips outlined above will locate that affordable Arkansas lodging is not difficult to find. Anyone who plans to visit this intriguing state can anticipate a pleasant and memorable experience.

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