Different Methods To Assist Natural Family Planning

By Eugenia Dickerson

The method where different religions and culture accepts is the natural family planning Los Angeles. It is also known as the rhythm method. Aside from being acceptable, you can learn how to use it at a cheaper price. All you need to do is make use of your calendar, thermometer and your fingers. It does not involve any artificial tools that will be harmful to you in the long run.

The most effortless method you can observe is the calendar method. All you have to do is record the first day of your menstrual period for a total of six months. This will determine your first menstrual cycle. Calculate how long the cycle is during this period. Count the number of days it takes for the next period to arrive.

Take note of the distance as to when the shortest and longest cycle falls. While collecting the information you have recorded, pick out the shortest length and take away eighteen days from it. Put this under the fertile stage in your diary. With each phase that you have recorded, make sure that you have written a description beside it.

Take your longest cycle and subtract eleven days from it. This will serve as the last day of the period you are fertile. Remember that these are the critical days. You should learn to abstain from six during this fertile stage if you do not want to be pregnant.

Another method that is very effective is the temperature process. This will require from you a patient recording of temperature as you rise in the morning. Be able to block a certain time as you wake up that you can record and write on your diary.

If there will be about six recordings, find out what is the average for all your temperatures. Look for the total and divide it altogether. The three temperatures that appear the highest will mean that you are under the ovulating phase.

The third day where you see that the temperature is high will be your infertile phase. It will be your free days and you are safe until the fertile stage progresses. Every morning, take a secretion from your vagina using your fingers. Your thumb and the opposing finger should stretch the sample you tool. Study its consistency and look.

If it stands to be clear and a bit stringy which you can associate to an egg white, this will be the sign that you are in the ovulation phase. The infertile days will be four days after you have tested the sample. If there will no signs of a clear mucus, this will be your warning. It will last until the next fertile phase.

Always be patient as you are taking the readings. Calculate the numbers properly so you will be successful in the process. Be reminded that the methods will always take a longer time to test. However, be assured that it will be worth it. This will be better if your religion does not allow you to use contraceptive pills. Learn more ways on how you can practice natural family planning Los Angeles by visiting your doctor.

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