Steps On Making An Executive Leadership Coaching Seminar

By Marissa Velazquez

Companies who would want those in the executive level and probably even in the managerial or middle level to succeed in leading the people would most likely train their leaders. More often than not, it is the new inductees into the executive levels that are participants of these executive leadership coaching programs. Of course if one would want to host one, there are a few ways to do so.

Now when making a program, the very first thing to do would be to know who the audience will be. Of course in this case, the audience will be those who are in the mid level ranking of the company or probably the executives. Knowing this is extremely important because by knowing this, one will easily be able to adapt to how the audience would actually think.

Now one thing that the program committee would have to do would be to determine the specific problems that are present in these levels. From these bits of knowledge, they will be able to know what topics should be tackled in the seminar. They may be able to do this through some interviews or even group discussions.

When first starting the seminar, probably the first thing that should be brought up would be the role of the executives in the company. By being reminded of what the executives are expected of, they will be able to set the right goals and bring their team to the right directions. They will also be able to approach things with a clear cut goal or vision.

Of course the second part will be focusing now more on skills that executives and managers have to learn in order to improve leadership. Communication tactics, decision skills, organizational development strategies, as well as problem solving tactics are just some of the things to be tackled here. It is a must that they learn this because they are the leaders who will be leading the people.

Now the meat of the entire seminar would be the discussion of the problems that the program committee discovered beforehand. Just now, general topics were tackled in order to give the participants an idea of how they should be able to act and certain skills were also discussed so that work will be more efficient. Now, the specific problems in these levels will be discussed so that solutions may be made.

Just before one begins making a program like this, there are some things to note. The first thing to take note of would be to never just stick to a lecture based seminar as this will not get through to the heads of the participants. The seminar should also include some engaging activities to help them really delve into the problem.

Now if one is tasked to create an executive leadership coaching program, then these tips will definitely be helpful. Always remember to follow these tips and try to be a little creative when making programs like these. It will definitely be beneficial to the participants who will join the program.

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