The Importance Of Arc Flash Analysis

By Marissa Velazquez

Working with high voltage equipment exposes you to a number of dangers. Despite the normal precautions that are taken, accidents still happen. Most of these accidents are fatal. The level of safety can be raised by conducting detailed arc flash analysis. It allows you to pinpoint the possibilities and the dangers of your electric system. The aim is to secure your work environment including your workers and property. It creates awareness on the possibility of accidents in different circumstances.

An electric arc is formed when there is an explosion of energy. The explosion happens on the surface and it takes a fraction of time to appear. This has given it the name flash. There are a number of factors that contribute to such a phenomenon. They include corrosion, wrong working procedures, dropping tools while still connected to power and the presence of dust particles. The intensity in each case aggravates the danger.

It is a priority to fully analyze the matter to ensure that you tap into the available benefits. The benefits will spread to the work environment and affect workers and your bottom line. You will experience fewer accidents of a lesser magnitude. You will understand the level of exposure and take appropriate action.

Experts analyze your working conditions with the aim of raising the level of safety. Their experience in different work environments raises their level of understanding and sensitivity to danger. They understand the possible loopholes within each environment and will suggest viable solutions. The solutions include placing working tools at the right place all time and being sensitive to the possibility of danger.

The analysis offers multiple benefits beyond preventing danger. It evaluates your entire electric system and all the energies that would be released in different scenarios. You will understand the potential of your systems, how to maximize it and avoid possible dangers. Accuracy is important in all evaluations to avoid dangers that come with misleading information. It takes the presence of a seasoned expert to achieve the highest possible accuracy and provide the most detailed report.

Experienced analysts use state of the art technology to deliver the most accurate and detailed report. Part of the report includes the hazards within the system and the kind of damage they can cause. Sharing this information with all departments including the management, supervisors and workers ensures that they are fully aware and can take necessary precautions. Workers have the confidence to work at all times in the knowledge that they are adequately protected.

All faults that are identified along the system should be addressed immediately. You are guaranteed that the heat produced can be accounted for and is easy to manage. Your investment is secure from operational fires and the safety of your workforce is guaranteed. Some of temperatures involved during the flash are so high that they would melt copper aluminum or steel surfaces.

A lot is information is gathered during arc flash analysis which will help you understand your power distribution system. The information provided is specific to your system. It tells you of the ability of the system and hazards that are likely to endanger lives, property and the entire business. Immediate action should be taken to address the highlighted dangers.

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